Union Beach Police Department

Department History

The following information was supplied by Union Beach Historian, Florence Buchman. Copies of her book on the history of Union Beach could be purchased at Memorial Library on Union Ave.

On Saturday, August 21, 1920 a motion was made at a Lorillard and Union Beach Improvement Association meeting to see about getting special badges from the Board of Chosen Freeholders office for and officer to protect property and keep order.

In 1920, Union, as it was called was part of Raritan Township, now Hazlet. Residents wanted to be self governed. By January, 1925 a bill to establish community independence from Raritan Township was introduced in the State Legislature. The bill was signed into law by Governor George S. Silzer (1923-1926) on March 16, 1925.

At the first meeting of the new Borough Union Beach on May 18, 1925 Mayor Charles E. Miller appointed Fred Everson a Borough Marshal. The special police badges are now on display in the glass case in the police department on Poole Avenue. On June 9, 1925 Everson advanced to patrolman at a salary of $29.80. Appointed to a police committee were Fred Scholer, Burtis Aumack and James P. McKittrick.

On January 1, 1926 new Mayor James P. McKittrick appointed Thomas F. Lyons Chief of Police and John Spielman, Chairman of the police committee.

In 1934 the building on the corner of Columbia Ave and Union Ave housed Jones Hardware Store and the Union Beach Police Station. Later the station moved to the forever trolley car barn on Florence Ave and Broadway and finally to the new building on Poole Ave.

On December 31, 1948 an ordinance passed and signed into law by Mayor Edward Conroy and Albert Cowling, the borough clerk established a municipal court the magistrate to be appointed by the Mayor for a term of three years.

List of Chiefs from January 1, 1926

  1. 1.  Thomas F. Lyons

  2. 2.  Fred Scholer

  3. 3.  Frank Letwenski

  4. 4.  Fred Dahmer

  5. 5.  George Ross

  6. 6. John Conroy

  1. 7.  Walter Hutton

  2. 8.  Richard Trembley

  3. 9.  Michael Ennis

  4. 10. Henry Riegler

  5. 11.  Michael P. Kelly

  6. 12.  Scott Woolley

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