Union Beach Police Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Union Beach Police Department is to maintain order preserve and protect the life, peace and property of the citizens of the Borough of Union Beach, and to enforce the laws within the framework of the United States Constitution, Federal and State laws, and Local regulations. The department and its members will, without favor or prejudice, work cooperatively with the public and other agencies to provide a safe community and increase the quality of life for all its citizens and visitors. We will serve and protect to the best of our ability.

Request for Public Records

(N.J.S.A. 47 : 1A-1 et seq.)

The request for Public Records must be submitted to the Union Beach Police Department at 650 Poole Ave, Union Beach, New Jersey 07735. The Chief of Police is the Custodian of Records. If your request is approved, it may take some time to compile the records and make the copies requested, but they normally will be available within seven business days pursuant to the statute. If a document or copy which has been requested is not a public record pursuant to statute, or if it can not be provided within seven business days, you will be provided with a response with that informations within seven business days. Fees for copying public records are established by Borough Ordinance #97-767 which is as follows: one page to ten pages, $15.00; over ten pages, $1.00 per page. Pursuant to N.J.S.A 47 : 1A - 5c, this department may impose a reasonable special service charge if the nature, for ____ manner of collation, or volume of a government record is such that it cannot be reproduced by ordinary document copying equipment in ordinary business size or involves an extraordinary expenditure of time and effort to accommodate your request.

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